From Harvest to Bottle: The Kosher Certification Process for Tequila

Here at El Sativo Organic Tequila, we don't just craft exceptional tequila; we ensure it meets Kosher requirements.

To attain Kosher certification, every facet of production must adhere to the stringent guidelines prescribed in Jewish dietary law. This entails ensuring that our facilities, equipment, and ingredients meet kosher standards from inception to fruition.

What are the requirements for Kosher?  This process is guided by principles like specific animal criteria for consumption, a precise slaughtering method, and the strict separation of meat and dairy. While fruits, vegetables, and grains are typically Kosher, adherence levels vary among individuals and communities.

Our story starts amidst the lush fields of Jalisco, Mexico, where the sun-kissed Blue Weber Agave plants flourish in the fertile volcanic soil. When our Agaves have matured, our skilled jimadores meticulously harvest, handpicking only the most pristine piñas for further processing.

Once plucked from the earth, the Blue Weber Agave embarks on a transformative journey to our cutting-edge distillery, where it undergoes a series of exacting processes to extract its luscious flavors and enticing aromas. Our tequila is meticulously crafted without the incorporation of any non-Kosher additives or processing aids, thus preserving its innate purity and integrity.

Our tequila only uses two ingredients which are both Kosher: Blue Weber Agave and volcanic rock-filtered water. In addition, the yeast we use during fermentation is naturally occurring.

El Sativo Organic Tequila proudly dons the coveted Kosher certification label. We are proud to serve a community that values their beliefs and tradition, just like we do.

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