• Our Process

    ORGANIC Single estate AGAVE

    While "Organic" might seem overused, at El Sativo, it's a promise we keep with unwavering commitment. Our tequila is the purest expression of 100% organically grown Blue Weber Agave, carefully tended and harvested from our exclusive single estates. It's not just a label; it's our pledge to authenticity and sustainability.

  • Our Process

    Art of Slow cooking

    Our Agave is hand-selected at the peak of sweetness, a moment in time when it's most luscious and flavorful. We honor this natural perfection by slow-roasting the agave hearts in traditional stone ovens for up to 72 hours, a slow and deliberate process that enhances the innate sweetness. This is where time is our ally, and patience is our guiding principle.

  • Our Process

    The Craft of Fermentation

    The slow-cooked agave is then gently pressed, coaxing out the precious nectar as tenderly as a warm embrace. We introduce our Native yeast—born from the same fertile El Valle soils as our agave—to catalyze the transformation. It's here, in this careful fermentation, where the soul of our tequila starts to take shape.

  • Our process

    Alchemy of distillation

    Reaching perfect fermentation is only the beginning. The liquid then ascends to an extended, proprietary distillation process in our artisanal pot stills. This is where we finesse the heart of our tequila, capturing the essence of the Agave and refining it into a spirit that boasts a superior mouthfeel and a tapestry of complex flavors.

  • Our Process

    Cask-to-bottle perfection

    Our tequila is more than a spirit; it's a bottled revelation. The Blanco bursts forth unaged, capturing the agave's raw charisma. Cradled for 9 months, our Reposado adopts the subtle charms of ex-bourbon barrels, taking on a smooth, amber poise. The Añejo, after a 16-month retreat in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels, emerges rich and nuanced, with a hint of smokiness. Each bottle encapsulates our passion, and they can’t wait to meet you.


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